January 30, 2016

I truly believe that the only way to guarantee a healthy mom and baby is to utilize Mother Nature's gifts. There are many wonderful herbs that an expecting mom can use to feed and nourish her body, such as red raspberry leaf tea. You can visit my article here to read a...

January 24, 2016

Water has many functions throughout the body, but its main functions are: lubricant, solvent, coolant, transportant and dispersant. Water is the primary ingredient in all of our bodily fluids such as blood, lymphatic, saliva, glandular secretions and cerebral spinal fl...

January 24, 2016


1/2 bag of tortilla chips (I like Que Pasa tortilla chips, they are organic and gluten free!)

15 oz. organic black or pinto beans, soaked and low heated
2 organic tomatoes, chopped

1/2 medium organic yellow or red onion, diced

2 organic avocados, chopped


January 16, 2016

Are you juicing everyday? Now is the perfect time to give up those foods that only weigh you down and start eating all the gifts that Mother Nature has provided.


One of the most cleansing and healing ways to consume our fresh fruits and vegetables is to juice them. By...

January 10, 2016

"According to an old Croatian mushroom hunting tradition, if you ever stumble across a porcini in the forest you must bend down and whisper, "Where is your brother?", because they always grow in pairs. Scattered throughout the forests in Europe, the porcini is a prized...

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Coconut Lavender Ice Cream (Vegan)

July 2, 2016

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